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My work on this project has been made easier by the World Wide Web, but with the information tools at my disposal it has been a constant battle to ensure that the correct information has been included.

This Blog is intended for reference, and will hopefully enable those with an interest in the German Army of World War One to look up with confidence the various units and organisations which contributed to the German war machine.

Friday, 3 June 2016

30th Infantry Regiment

30th (4th Rhine) Infantry Regiment (Earl Werder)

Founded:  6th September 1812

Garrison:  Saarlouis

In 1811 a plan was put in place to form a North German Legion, in Russian service.

On 6th September 1812 the unit was formed, part of a North German Legion.

In 1814 the Regiment was part of the Saxon Army and named the German Legion.  It formed the 1st Regiment.

On 21st March 1815, the Regiment, as part of the Prussian Army was renamed the 30th Infantry Regiment.  It  consisted of:

1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
7th Battalion


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