This Blog was born from a wet day in Germany, looking at one of the many war memorials in that country and further investigation which led me to notice a lack of reference material with regards to the German Army in World War One.

My work on this project has been made easier by the World Wide Web, but with the information tools at my disposal it has been a constant battle to ensure that the correct information has been included.

This Blog is intended for reference, and will hopefully enable those with an interest in the German Army of World War One to look up with confidence the various units and organisations which contributed to the German war machine.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

German Air Force 1

The German Air Service was formed in 1910 and at the outbreak of World War One consisted of the following units:

Flying Companies were distributed between the eight armies, and twenty five peace time Corps, a total of thirty three flying companies.

Field Flying Companies

12th Company - 1st Army
23rd Company - 2nd Army
22nd Company - 3rd Army
6th Company - 4th Army
25th Company - 5th Army
5th Company - 6th Army
26th Company - 7th Army
16th Company - 8th Army

1st Company - Guards
14th Company - I Corps
30th Company - II Corps
7th Company - III Corps
9th Company - IV Corps
19th Company - V Corps
13th Company - VI Corps
18th Company - VII Corps
10th Company - VIII Corps
11th Company - IX Corps
21st Company - X Corps
28th Company - XI Corps
29th Company - XII Corps
4th Company - XIII Corps
20th Company - XIV Corps
3rd Company - XV Corps
2nd Company - XVI Corps
17th Company - XVII Corps
27th Company - XVIII Corps
24th Company - IXX Corps
15th Company - XX Corps
8th Company - XXI Corps

1st Bavarian Company - I Bavarian Corps
2nd Bavarian Company - II Bavarian Corps
3rd Bavarian Company - III Bavarian Corps